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Self Care Management Plan

Asthma is the #1 chronic disease of childhood. Approximately one in every two New Yorkers with asthma had asthma that was classified as not well controlled or very poorly controlled. More than 7 million children, or 9.6 percent of all children, currently have asthma. Childhood asthma interferes with activities as simple as being able to run on a playground or more complex cognitive abilities that influence learning. One of the primary causes of missed school days in children, asthma is also the leading source of childhood disability. Asthma is linked to obesity, an increasingly chronic condition in children.


Teaching Children:

Teaching asthma self management to children must involve the parents as teachers, though the child should participate to the full extent possible and learn how to recognize symptoms and seek care.


Asthma Action Plan:

All individuals with asthma should receive tailored education on:

  • how to handle signs and symptoms of worsening asthma

  • medication use and compliance

  • inhaler and spacer techniques

  • use of a written asthma action plan

  • environmental triggers for asthma


It is recommended that children with asthma must have reduce exposure to allergens and irritants in their environment. An important component of asthma self-management education is an asthma action plan which is a written step-by-step plan that should be developed jointly by the health care provider and person with asthma and updated at least every six months. It is a useful tool that helps patient to control their asthma by explaining what medicines to take and when to take them, what triggers to avoid, and what to do during an asthma episode or attack.


Below are links to resources where you will find valuable information for helping to self-manage your child’s condition, and files that you can print out and use at home:

Helpful worksheets to reach self management goals for managing your child’s asthma:

A pocket guide for management and prevention:

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