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New Pediatric Patients

Choosing the right pediatric practice for your family is a big decision, and we thank you for considering our practice. While we realize you have to consider location, personalities and your own family’s individual needs, we can assure you that we do our very best to offer the finest pediatric care possible to our patients and families.

To understand what to expect for your child, first visit to our practice, please read through this page.

Well Visits

The cornerstone of pediatrics is well child care. It provides us with an opportunity to evaluate your child’s growth and development — from the earliest smiles and words to their concerns about sex and drug use as teens. Patients from birth through age 21 are required to have a complete physical examination to participate in our practice. Regular exams set the tone for anticipatory guidance and good preventative health care. In addition, because most camps and schools require physical exam forms to be current, it is important that physical exams be performed yearly. New patients will receive record release forms to be sent to your previous doctors so we may receive past records. It is ideal if we receive such records prior to a check-up so we can determine if any further immunizations or laboratory tests should be done.

A complete physical exam at our office includes height, weight, head circumference (for infants), evaluation of vision and hearing (in older children), an assessment of development and any necessary vaccinations. We allow ample time for discussions of issues related to your child’s home, school and peer relationships. While recalls for yearly check-ups are sent out periodically, please try to call well in advance for your child’s exam.



The first year is a critical time for growth and development, and tracking an infant’s weight and size is just a small part of what we do. We address the feeding, sleeping, behavior and questions or concerns at every appointment. We are careful to assess each infant’s developmental progress and milestones as well.

Early Childhood

The period referred to as early childhood, from age 12 months through 4 years, is a time of great growth and development. We begin formal evaluations of vision, hearing, blood pressure, lead and hemoglobin. We also help parents seeking guidance on behavioral issues such as temper tantrums. We continue to closely monitor physical and mental development, including formal screening for Autism. All of these assessments allow us to identify areas of concern as early as possible in order to develop a plan to address these issues.

Middle Childhood

Ages 5 through 10 years is referred to as middle childhood. During well visits we focus on appropriate growth and nutrition, ensuring that children are not developing early signs of obesity. We continue to assess for abnormalities in blood pressure, hearing and vision. The transition to grade school often requires a great deal of guidance to ensure children’s learning and emotional needs are addressed.


One of the most challenging age periods, for both parents and children, is adolescence. Puberty brings great physical and emotional changes that require patience, education and support. At well visits during this time, we assess for nutritional issues including eating disorders sometimes associated with puberty. The emotional health and maturation of an adolescent also require careful monitoring and support, and therefore at adolescent visits we do a formal screening of depression as part of the routine well exam. Areas of concern include sleep habits and risk-taking behaviors, and we as pediatricians play an integral role in assessing these issues.


What to bring to your first visit?

We work hard to ensure that your child receives prompt medical care in a comfortable, child-friendly office setting. Same day visits are guaranteed for our established practice patients. We strive to accommodate all appointment requests as soon as possible. To help expedite the first appointment, we ask that you visit our CHADIS and complete all your registration securely online. Click on the link to register and answer initial questionnaires. Bring  your child's immunization records, arrive early and be prepared to complete paperwork regarding your family medical history, your child's medical history, and insurance information if not done through CHADIS

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